Bon Voyage DelegatesThe Puerto Galera Most Beautiful Bay, Inc. (PGMBBI) is a strong advocate of sustainable tourism development which protects and preserves the natural beauty of the Puerto Galera  bay while developing its tourism industry. We are composed major stakeholders from different sectors, in cooperation with the local government offices, who work together to preserve our natural environment which is the greatest asset of Puerto Galera.

The Bay

Puerto Galera Bay 12Puerto Galera bay is located around the small town of Puerto Galera in the northern part of Oriental Mindoro. The Island of Mindoro is well known for being the sole home of the critically endangered Tamaraw, a singular dwarf buffalo and  one of the emblems of the Philippines. The Island is also recognized worldwide for its captivating beauty. Mindoro was discovered in 1570 by Conquistadores Martin de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo during their conquest for gold. It was previously called Mina de Oro which means goldmine. Gold was then bartered with silk so there were a lot of vessels traveling to and from the island. Puerto Galera was the refuge for these galleon trade vessels during typhoons, hence the name Port of the Galleons, now known as Puerto Galera.

Nowadays, Puerto Galera bay is among the country’s top vacation spots because of its lush mountains, crystal clear water, and white sand beaches. From what the eyes can see to its magnificent marine biodiversity underwater, there are countless ways to fall in love with this bay. It has a series of small but definitely breathtaking coves and pocket beaches that are the top attractions of the bay. Behind these beaches are vast mostly unexplored mountains that serve as refuge for a rich biodiversity. Those mountains are also the ancestral lands of the Mangyan Indigenous People, especially the Iraya tribe, famous for their art and traditional culture. The bay is also most popular among divers because of its impressive marine life. In fact the channel between Puerto Galera and Verde Island, known worldwide as the Verde Island Passage, is the ‘center of the center of marine biodiversity’ according to scientists because it has the highest concentration of marine species in the planet. Studies indicate that it has almost 60% of the presently identified shore fish in the world as well as more than 300 species of coral.

 It is no wonder how tourism has become the center of the bay’s economic activities and has become the source of livelihood of majority of the local residents (with total count of 36,606 as of 2015 census). It is also very accessible, especially with the lot of travel options being offered locally and over the world wide web. It is only 3-4 hours away from Metro Manila, the country’s capital city and main drop off point for local and international travelers. Visitors of the bay can enjoy multiple things here – adventure and recreation, peace and relaxation, and opportunity to experience a world-renowned marine life as well as rich Filipino culture straight from its roots, making it perfect for vacationers of all ages and style. It is also the gateway to discover the rest of the Island of Mindoro and its countless treasures.

The Team

PRESIDENT: Hubert d’Aboville

Araceli d’Aboville
Dr. Miguel Fortes
Patrick Johnson
Alan Nash
Aidan Hilker
Danny Enriquez