The Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World is an international association (and trademark), founded in Berlin on 10 March 1997, consisting of structures, each representing a community with a frontage of exceptional marine bay.

Every member must meet certain criteria such as:

  • Subject to safeguards;
  • Have a wildlife and a flora interesting;
  • Have outstanding natural and attractive;
  • Be known and appreciated at the local and national levels;
  • Be emblematic for the local population;
  • Have some economic potential.
  • The bay must possess at least two features recognized by UNESCO in the cultural or natural assets categories.



The most beautiful bays in the world, enfolded, as they are, between oceans and continents, have the distinction of being sites of particularly sought-after riches. The club’s members exploit to the full their respective areas of expertise, as well as their pooling of ideas, in an effort to maintain the balance between the economic development and the conservation of their natural heritage, the results serving as models for the rest of the world.


Recognized not only as areas of great richness and diversity, but also of important economic activity of the intermixing of ethnic groups, the beautiful bays in the world, because of their uniqueness and their global importance, offer an exceptional natural heritage. As members of this worldwide club, the people who represent the bays contribute to the development of their sites, thanks, in particular, to a foundation whose objective is to support exchange projects, scientific research, and the promotion of the bays.


In addition to the promotion of these areas of exceptional interest by sophisticated means of communication, and thanks to the local population’s recognition of their worth, the club’s ambition is to achieve international recognition for its expertise with regards to controlled and sustainable social, economic and tourist development.


In confirming their support for the concept of sustainable development for future generations, the members commit themselves to defining the conditions of a certain way of life in the areas around the bays, a way of life which is appropriate for everyone, whether local inhabitants or visitors. The wish of each member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club is to play an active part in the ever-changing field of global tourism, and in the economic and social development of their areas.


The members of this non-governmental organization (NGO) are committed to the improvement of tourist management and environmental protection as well as to the enhancement and development of the natural resources of their respective bays. The eligibility of a bay for membership is based on its obligation to meet at least two of the criteria recognized by UNESCO within the natural and cultural fields and on its acceptance of the charter’s commitments.

Member Bays

  • Al Hoceima a Bay, Morocco
  • Sine Saloum Bay, Senegal
  • Pemba Bay, Mozambique
  • Agadir Bay, Mozambique
  • Diego Suarez Bay, Madagascar
  • Mindel Bay, Cape Verde
  • Miyazu-Ine Bay, Japan
  • Suruga Bay, Japan
  • Toyama Bay, Japan
  • Lang Co-Hue Bay, Vietnam
  • Nah Trang Bay, Vietnam
  • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  • Penghu Bay, Taiwan
  • Puerto Galera Bay, Philippines
  • Matsushima, Japan
  • Yeosu Bay, South Korea
  • Qingdao Bay, China
  • Bay of Cambodia
  • Bodrum Bay, Turkey
  • Bay of Horta, Portugal
  • Setubal Bay, Portugal
  • Boka Kotorska, Montenegro
  • Bay of Fort de France, France
  • Saintes Bay, France
  • Grikos Bay – Patmos, Greece
  • Bay of La Baule, France
  • Girolata and Porto Gulf, France
  • Mont Saint-Michel Bay, France
  • Bay of the Somme, France
  • Gulf of Morbihan, Bay of Quiberon, France
  • Bay of Roses, Spain
  • Santander Bay, Spain
  • Sakarun Bay, Croatia
  • San Francisco Bay, USA
  • Bay of Chaleur, Canada
  • Tadoussac Bay, Canada
  • All Saints Bay, Brazil
  • Praia do Rosa Bay, Brazil
  • Samana and Roncan Bays, Dominican Republic
  • Banderas Bay – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Cartagena de Indias Bay, Colombia